Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ladies, now let's get in formation as we keep our heels, head, splits and standards high!! No matter your style, maintaining CLASS is always a non-negotiable in my book when it comes to dressing with sex appeal. Contrary to popular belief, dressing sexy doesn't require us to bare too much, just subtle skin in all the right places makes the world of a difference. This way we can exude that sex appeal by showing off a little skin without over doing it and revealing too much. Understanding this simple concept, you can walk into almost any setting and immediately command respect and the right type of attention. There is something quite endearing about the combination high splits, bare shoulders and strappy sandals especially when the colors are kept extremely neural and chic.

Living in nothing but neutrals, this little number was a super quick pull during my last mall run in.  Sometimes I find myself dipping into the "trendier" stores just to see what they have in style right now. I think all us ladies are guilty of this from time to time when we cant quite find what we have in mind at the typical department stores.

Cari's Look: Top & Skirt Trendy Mall Store | Heels Ego | Handbag Zara

Photography Credit: Chan Vu