Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ladies, now let's get in formation as we keep our heels, head, splits and standards high!! No matter your style, maintaining CLASS is always a non-negotiable in my book when it comes to dressing with sex appeal. Contrary to popular belief, dressing sexy doesn't require us to bare too much, just subtle skin in all the right places makes the world of a difference. This way we can exude that sex appeal by showing off a little skin without over doing it and revealing too much. Understanding this simple concept, you can walk into almost any setting and immediately command respect and the right type of attention. There is something quite endearing about the combination high splits, bare shoulders and strappy sandals especially when the colors are kept extremely neural and chic.


Monday, August 1, 2016

More and more in the recent months I have had my style compared to the likes of Scandal superstar Olivia Pope, played by the gorgeous Kerry Washington.  I am always left humbled by the comments and take pride in my ability to craft sophisticated, sexy, yet "edgy" looks that connect with women all over the world.  Over the years I have watched my style develop and grow with me as I began to blossom professionally and personally. Long gone are the days of my bright pink crop tops, yellow pumps and polka dot peplums... today I am in the best place of my life and I am so thrilled that my style meets me right where I am.  But the real MVP is this little girl in the background rocking this pink tutu. Yes Honey.... You better #SLAY in my picture!!!


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

There is no secret trick to wearing monochromatic outfits. As long as you have tops, bottoms and accessories in the same color or different shades of the color, dressing in one cohesive hue is super simple and looks extremely chic.  The single uninterrupted line from head to toe helps to elongate a woman's natural silhouette giving us all a sexier and taller appearance. 


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The flowers have bloomed and spring is in the air, so time to implement all the traditional spring fashion rules right? Contrary to popular believe, spring fashion doesn't just mean bright colors, floral prints and soft pastels.  Yes, we are girly girls, and yes, we are happy, but keeping the classic color in high rotation is totally acceptable. I find that my preference for all things black pretty much trumps the trendy spring hues no matter what season we're in. The chic color goes with everything, and when the right black pieces for spring are selected, you can wear the color year-round, even with the rising temperatures. 
The key to black for spring is still keeping it cool -- oxymoron? Not at all, black can absolutely work in warmer weather with just a few small adjustments. Opt for loose, flowing pieces that lets a lot of air in like these two pieces I copped from Zara a few days ago.  Dare to show a little skin by wearing tops with exposed shoulders, deep v's or low cut back tops for a comfortable yet fashionable look perfect for spring. Pictured here is the Frilly Top from Zara and at only $29.99, this is a great spring wardrobe addition for those black cravings.  It's no secret that I'm a sucker for wide leg pants all year long, but with the warmer weather, this is especially a must.  A nice pair of polyester pants will take you so far in the heat -- no skinny jeans here ladies.  I grabbed these Palazzo Trousers from Zara on my last binge shopping day and fell in love with them.  To finish off the perfect spring look, throw on a dark pair of shades and black handbag and pump or sandal to deliver complete chic spring style.  How do you wear black for spring? We'd love to hear your comments.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

The outdated rule of no white after Labor Day is such a thing of the past.  In fact, winter is the perfect time to wear clothes as white as snow.  With the temperatures dropping, the cool and fresh tones of winter white looks so appealing and cozy long after the summer sets.  As a advocate for rocking the neutral shade year-round, I love to keep whites on high rotation in winter to counter all the black and warmer tones we're "expected" to wear when the weather breaks.  So how do you pull of an all-white look for winter? The key to wearing white throughout the cooler months is to not try and match shades at all costs -- instead focus on choosing rich fabrics with lots of texture and plush to keep the look balanced and season appropriate.  When I wear white, most often I opt for a monochrome outfit that instantly elongates my look while delivering a crisp finish.  For this fit, I paired my new H&M Boucle Coat over a white tank and fitted trouser for a simple Sunday style number.  One thing I always aim for in styling is mixing textures, so I added my fringe clutch from BagJunkie and Jimmy Choo Anouk nude patent leather pumps to finish off my look.  So keep it simple, but always always make your look significant and remember to rock white 365.  

Shop this look below and leave me comments on how you style white for winter.  I'd love to hear your tips and tricks!


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

There is no color quite as fresh, crisp and refreshing as the color white, so it's on constant repeat in my fall wardrobe.  Rocking all white results in an exceptionally stylish, high impact look that's pretty easy to accomplish from season to season.  As many of you know, I'm not one to incorporate a lot of color in my wardrobe and tend to stray away from brights.  Well, my boyfriend pushed me into the color wheel buying me this gorgeous orange Gucci handbag for my birthday this past November.  With little hesitation, I knew the perfect pallet for this stunner and opted for an all white look to give me that pop of color effect.  To add another dash of color, I found these adorable sunnies at the beauty supply store for $5.00 -- what a steal right?  Finishing off my fit, I threw on my old-faithful Jimmy Choo nude pumps for the perfect autumn day look.  So yes, I finally stepped outside my neutral box and replaced what would have been a black handbag with this amazing orange one.  I guess orange is the new black!!


Monday, January 4, 2016

The new year is here and the resolutions are set.  For me, becoming more consistent with my beauty and health regimen is a top focus for me in 2016. Eating right, exercising more and simply looking and feeling my best this year is amongst my top 10 resolutions.  As women, we all know that good hair days make us feel like we can take over the world. Lately, I have been faithfully rocking my Kerri Alston clip in extensions for some added fullness, length and a little splash of color. With clip ins, 100% of my natural hair is exposed so it's extremely critical for me to keep my hair healthy and hydrated at all times.

Moving from fall to winter is so tough on my hair, so transitioning from warmer weather to those cold brisk days means switching up the hair care routine.  On the hunt for a new winterized line for my increasingly dryer winter hair, my recent introduction to the Alterna Haircare line couldn't be better timing. When the Alterna Team invited me to try the line for myself, I was excited and ready for some hair play. The minute I read about this line I was intrigued by their Pure, Proven and Professional approach to hair care.  All of their products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates or synthetic color.  So what do you get when you take some of the best ingredients for thick, luscious, healthy hair and put them together to create a forward thinking, innovative haircare line? You get Alterna Haircare.