Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How many times have you been shopping with a friend and you both like the same statement garment and fight over who is going to be the one to check out with it?  Always hitting the mall with my sister, we constantly see things that we are both in love with and depending on who can grab it first, determines who gets to take it home. However, when it's a simple must-have piece like black leather skinnies from H&M, there is no fighting, just a fashion face off.  Rocking the same pants in two different ways, you decide who wore them best. XO 

Kay's Look- Jacket ZARA | Top H&M | Pants H&M | Shoes Christian Louboutin | Handbag Michael Kors
Cari's Look- Top H&M | Pants H&M | Shoes Coach | Wallet Louis Vuitton
  Photography Credit: Dimitri Crowder


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Do you ever feel like your style has lost its edge?  To me, edgy style is a little
creative, unfussy and seemingly effortless.  It's usually casual or has casual components, and gives off a modern, urban vibe. Making a look edgy doesn't have to be complicated. A little unexpected tweak can turn an ordinary look into something cool, chic and even a bit sexy. Just remember to keep simplicitly at the center and heart of every look. XO

Vest Her Kloset | Jeans Levi | Bag Michele | Shoes Coach
  Photography Credit: Dimitri Crowder


Friday, January 23, 2015

Remember those days when you'd hear people say, you can't wear pink and red, black and blue, or even black and brown at the same time? Well, those days are long gone, and the unconventional trend of pairing similar hues consistently pops up in fashion from the runway to the streets.  While black is the primary color in our wardrobe we find that navy continues to creep its way in.  Not only are the two shades classics standing on their own, but the dark combination is ultra chic and complimentary when styled together.  If you have black and blue separates try pulling them out and experiment with this super easy color blocking trend. XO

Kay's Look- Vest BCBG | Pencil Skirt BCBG | Shoes Christian Louboutin | Handbag Louis Vuitton
Cari's Look- Jacket BCBG| Boots Jimmy Choo | Envelope Clutch YSL
  Photography Credit: Dimitri Crowder


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We all hear the notorious term "Simple Chic" over and over, but we can't help but wonder, can style really be this simple? The answer: Absolutely!! When I'm backed against the wall about what to wear on a casual day, I look for a simple solution. Although I love tailored pieces and stilettos just as much as the next girl, lately I've grown a huge appreciation for the easy breezy chic outfits. The best part about this look is it's straight to the point and super easy to achieve! When opting for this style, the key to success is minimal accents focusing on the "key item" and building your look around it. My go-to piece for this look was my wool Ralph Lauren camel colored overcoat, a closet must have for the season. Adding a simple grey tee and army green leggings, keeping in mind "The 3 color rule," I accomplish my effortless look for a fashion blogger's casual day in the city. 

Jacket Ralph Lauren | Tank H&M | Tights Forever 21 | Boots Fendi | Handbag Gucci
Photography Credit: Dimitri Crowder


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Is it too much to be sexy and sophisticated or should each style exist alone? Many women try so hard to be classified as sophisticated or sexy but don't understand what it is to be both. Am I a career women who needs to watch how much cleavage and thigh I show or am I bold and sexual and don't want to be too covered? These styles can and should exist as one and with the perfect balance between the two. Blazers will always will be a timeless fashion piece. Take it over the edge and throw it on using your skin as the focal point. This shows that you can master being both sexy and sophisticated without being too much of either.  Xo

Kay's Look- Waleska Jacket Dress BCBG | Tristan Skirt Pant BCBG | Quinn Feather Clutch BCBG

Cari's Look- Jacket HM | Trousers ZARA | Envelope Clutch YSL
 Photography Credit: Dimitri Crowder


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What thoughts go through your head when you're picking out your clothes and beginning to put a look together for the day? Ask yourself, am I getting dressed for me, him, or them?  Who do I want to impress? Why not make your look a combination of all 3.  Maybe a little confusing so let me explain.  My style is flirty and fun so this grey wool-like peplum skirt from is a full reflection of my personal style.  This skirt is for me! I made my look a little sexy edgy for "him", that special guy that I'm constantly intriguing, by adding this leather bustier and sexy cow hide over the knee boot. To complete, I threw on a very unique and pretty hard to find zippered blazer for "them", the ones that stop for that double take glance.  See what look you can put together when dressing for you, him, and of course, "them"... XO 

Jacket BCBG | Leather Bustier BCBG | Bianca Peplum Skirt Her Kloset | Boots Jimmy Choo | Clutch Wallet Louis Vuitton
Photography Credit: Dimitri Crowder


Monday, January 12, 2015

Is it more important for you to make a great first impression, or to leave a lasting one? True Fashionista's definitely want to be remembered for how great they look, but when you leave people wanting more, it's just the icing on the cake. When they see that funky skirt or unique shirt it makes them wonder where you got it from or how you were able to put something so "out of the box" together. Make sure when you are planning to go to an event or outing with friends you never disappoint with your outfit. Give em' more than they are expecting. Make a statement!!! XO

Coat BeBe | Agda Sheer Tee BCBG | Multistrap Waist Belt BCBG | Skirt Custom | Leather Court Stiletto ZARA
Photography Credit: Dimitri Crowder