Sunday, October 19, 2014

Who says you can't mix it up? As my style developed over the years I learned to be just a little more daring, thinking outside the box and doing what felt most natural.  Adding in custom wear from time to time is a must for me and this 2 piece grey skirt set delivered. You could be done by just rocking your matching set with a black heel but that's no fun right? Mixing neutral colors provides balances, but still gives you that funky edge without feeling like you're over doing it.  And in case you were wondering.... Leopard is most definitely a neutral, pairs great with just about anything and is a closet staple.  Another must have for the season is olive green something :-) I opted for this jacket from Old Navy to just throw on to finish off a simple look like this one.  So have fun with it.. XO 
Towers Set Custom | Utility Jacket Old Navy | Shoes Steve Madden | Handbag Gucci 

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