Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What thoughts go through your head when you're picking out your clothes and beginning to put a look together for the day? Ask yourself, am I getting dressed for me, him, or them?  Who do I want to impress? Why not make your look a combination of all 3.  Maybe a little confusing so let me explain.  My style is flirty and fun so this grey wool-like peplum skirt from is a full reflection of my personal style.  This skirt is for me! I made my look a little sexy edgy for "him", that special guy that I'm constantly intriguing, by adding this leather bustier and sexy cow hide over the knee boot. To complete, I threw on a very unique and pretty hard to find zippered blazer for "them", the ones that stop for that double take glance.  See what look you can put together when dressing for you, him, and of course, "them"... XO 

Jacket BCBG | Leather Bustier BCBG | Bianca Peplum Skirt Her Kloset | Boots Jimmy Choo | Clutch Wallet Louis Vuitton
Photography Credit: Dimitri Crowder


  1. Are you wearing a black belt with this skirt??? . Because the skirt from her kloset doesnt show that.

  2. what is the make of this jacket? i know its BCBG, but what is the style name