Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Does it come in any other colors, you know.. better colors, you know.. Black? Seriously, that is our mood every time we go shopping together.  Instantly our eyes gravitate towards all things black, for that rich dark effect we can't get enough of.  Black is the ultimate go-to color and all black everything, well, it doesn't get much better than that.  On a recent trip to H&M, we copped a few pieces out of the runway section, and kept the styling sexy with lace, leather, and louboutins.  There's no secret strategy to wearing all black -- it's the easiest monochromatic combo to accomplish.  So when all else fails or when you're just in that kind of mood, layer up in black on black. XO

Kay's Look- Top H&M | Pants Zara | Shoes ZARA | Handbag Bag Exchange

Cari's Look- Pants H&M | Jacket H&M | Shoes Christian Louboutin | Handbag Fendi

 Photography Credit: Dimitri Crowder


  1. I love how you both experiment with your respective styles, keeping it super-chic all the way!

    Have a lovely evening ladies xx

    IMAN |

  2. Loving the all black! Very classic and stylish. You two always look edgy yet maintain that classic style.

    Love it!
    Danielle Mone'.