Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall is our favorite by far and the most forgiving of all the seasons. With the weather not too hot and not quite too cold, you can practically get away with everything from layering, baring a little skin, sporting an open toe heel, or rocking a thigh high boot.  As the #1 fan of the All Black Everything club, Cari struts a Yves Saint Laurent dress with an added leather tie belt to snatch in the waist line.  We love pulling out this little trick when wearing flowy dresses that do our shape no justice at all. What better way to top the look off than with the signature Alicia Boot by Tony Bianco and the simple Lauren Clutch from Halston Heritage.  Kay makes a statement in a beaded crop top from Zara, copped last season during a cant-miss sale.  The key to the crop is not bare too much skin -- just a sliver around the midsection is plenty.  To keep is classy, Kay wore here BCBG high-waist trousers and the simple black Zara pump that seems to virtually go with absolute everything. 


Kay's Look: Top Zara | Pant BCBG | Pumps Zara

Photography Credit: Dimitri Crowder


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