Monday, January 12, 2015

Is it more important for you to make a great first impression, or to leave a lasting one? True Fashionista's definitely want to be remembered for how great they look, but when you leave people wanting more, it's just the icing on the cake. When they see that funky skirt or unique shirt it makes them wonder where you got it from or how you were able to put something so "out of the box" together. Make sure when you are planning to go to an event or outing with friends you never disappoint with your outfit. Give em' more than they are expecting. Make a statement!!! XO

Coat BeBe | Agda Sheer Tee BCBG | Multistrap Waist Belt BCBG | Skirt Custom | Leather Court Stiletto ZARA
Photography Credit: Dimitri Crowder

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  1. Can you Pleaseeeeeeeeee let me know where can I get this skirt?!!! It's so beautiful and I have to have it. Please do share ❤