Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How many times have you been shopping with a friend and you both like the same statement garment and fight over who is going to be the one to check out with it?  Always hitting the mall with my sister, we constantly see things that we are both in love with and depending on who can grab it first, determines who gets to take it home. However, when it's a simple must-have piece like black leather skinnies from H&M, there is no fighting, just a fashion face off.  Rocking the same pants in two different ways, you decide who wore them best. XO 

Kay's Look- Jacket ZARA | Top H&M | Pants H&M | Shoes Christian Louboutin | Handbag Michael Kors
Cari's Look- Top H&M | Pants H&M | Shoes Coach | Wallet Louis Vuitton
  Photography Credit: Dimitri Crowder