Monday, February 2, 2015

The fashion world is full of variety and options, from dark and edgy pieces with extreme tailoring and detail, to light and feminine pieces in lace and florals. Although these looks seem to be on opposite ends of the style spectrum, they actually work great together and the best strategy for most of us is to mix the two.  Pairing hard and edgy garments with soft and girly pieces is a creative way to put together an attention-grabbing outfit that’s truly legit.  But really, how many ways are there to rock the contrast between hard and soft looks without looking overdone?
Broadly speaking, we can divide everything in our closets into two categories: hard and soft.  Hard items are things like crisp white button downs, leather jackets, ripped jeans and metal jewelry.  The soft stuff is a little easier to spot because it's practically anything you find yourself wanting to touch all day like faux furs, silks, lace, sweaters and scarves.  Honestly, the combination options for the two are endless and exploring with this trend can be so much fun.  If you're prone to dressing one way, incorporate in elements of the other for a completely different look.  We're biased towards the traditional rules and standards of dress of course :-) so the key is just to experiment and just have fun with it.  XO
Kay's Look- Vest Vintage Fur | Jacket Zara | Leggings BCBG| Shoes Converse All Star Leather Hi | Handbag Salvatore Ferragamo
Cari's Look- Sweater Aeropostale | Jacket Arden B | Jeans Ralph Lauren | Boots BCBG | Envelope Clutch Purple Glass Boutique
  Photography Credit: Dimitri Crowder

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