Sunday, February 1, 2015

Whenever I'm feeling experimental, I like to take a piece in my closet and reinvent it.  Always loving a cute pair of ripped jeans, I decided to take a pair of black Hudson skinny jeans from the pile of collectibles and add a little touch of my personal style. All this look requires is a razor blade, washer & dryer, needle & thread, and some chain from your local arts and craft store. To finish off my look, I kept it simple adding a black bodysuit and blazer, letting my new pair of jeans be the star. Next time you're looking through your old clothes, stop and think about what you could add, or even take away from the garment to make it look like new all over again.. Xo

 Jacket ZARA | Top H&M | Jeans Hudson | Shoes American Apparel | Handbag Michael Kors
 Photography Credit: Dimitri Crowder


  1. So I just started following your blog...I'm obsessed! Love this outfit. You just inspired me!

  2. Love! I went on a hunt looking for that shoe. Its rare that I like flats lol.